Free Japanese Classes

Embark on an exciting language journey with our Free Japanese Classes! Our innovative approach combines the art of learning with the convenience of scheduling. Uncover the wonders of the Japanese language while effortlessly booking sessions with our skilled instructors using Google Calendar.

Discover Your Volunteer Japanese Instructor!

By clicking on the classes in this Google Calendar, you can select 'Copy to My Calendar' to seamlessly integrate event schedules into your own Google Calendar!

Free Japanese Conversation Classes

We are excited to offer free Japanese conversation classes on Google Meet, tailored to help you enhance your language skills in a casual and interactive setting. Here's what you need to know.

Focus on Conversation

Our classes are designed to immerse you in practical Japanese conversation. Engage in discussions, practice everyday phrases, and improve your speaking confidence.


Please select a free Japanese language class that aligns with your schedule on Google Calendar.


Participation is open to everyone interested in practicing Japanese, from beginners to more advanced learners.

Recommended Free Japanese Learning Resources

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

A comprehensive online guide covering grammar, vocabulary, and usage with clear explanations and examples.

NHK's "Easy Japanese" Website

Offers lessons and quizzes for beginners, with audio and video clips to enhance listening and speaking skills.


A popular language learning app that offers Japanese courses with interactive exercises and quizzes.


Offers a variety of user-generated Japanese courses that focus on vocabulary building and cultural insights.

Japan Foundation's Marugoto

Provides free online courses with interactive content and cultural insights for various proficiency levels.